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I work with light and sound, when I play live I generate real time visuals, and control lasers and lighting via DMX.  Its a complete performance.  I can also handle the visual design of the performance area, basic technical design and installation and  studio pre and post production work for visuals in a variety of formats. Below are examples of the visual styles that I use when playing live, they have audio tracks from mostly dance related genres, some are audio-visual experiments that only work over the web . You can contact me by mobile or email. I'm also on MySpace and youTube

Maria's Transformation metropolis montage. Audio is a remix of two Autechre tracks. 6 Minutes 12/09/08 SWF

planetNeon 4Minutes 1/6/8 SWF
loveBird from project bird. 8 minutes 31/5/08 SWF
singRing Singing Ringing Tree. Analog mix. 3 mins 54 secs.30/04/08 SWF
cow8 Cowgirl 2008 Neon Symetry, 9mins 45 secs. 30/4/08. SWF
Timeshade (Ruby Slippers Mix). Trying out jazzy, assymetric ideas to a tune by Niko. Originated from the 1910 version of the Wizard of Oz. 6 mins. 28/3/8. SWF
Cowboys and Indians swf designed to be played live. For the last Basement theme night. Uses an FLV masking technique. Will take a couple of minutes to load properly, experimental. 23/2/8
C4 Transformer Infinity Drive Mix. This is a multiscreen demonstration of the Infinity Drive technique using Action Script to manipulate Movie Clips created from FLV's.  Infinite loop 24/7/7.
videoTree1. Another movie clip experiment, interactive, with no sound, play your own tune to it.  Simple but surprisingly engaging. Infinite loop 23/7/7
Time Oddity  Totally Twee!.... fakeBowie. Nathan Fake vs David Bowie.  Clips from the Chris Rock Major Tom video.  Just a bit of fun - about 5 mins and less than 10mb  20/7/7
Samuel Beckett short monologue  First test of infinity drive technique using duplicate movie clips with flv's embedded in them, very experimental works well locally, not sure how they will stream over net. There's no pre-loader and it can take a while to load. Seems to work better in FireFox Full play about 15 minutes.  18/6/7
Gentlemen prefer Blondes remix.  Did Marilyn Munroe ever meet Andy Warhol?...what would she think of him?  Check out the symbolism in the slowed down pink dance sequence. Odd effect...uses only keyframes...needs refinement. 5 mins 18/03/07  SWF
Jesse Somfay - Faberge. Solid air mix. 7 mins 720 x 576 16/01/07 SWF
Tonal psychedelia #1 Sometimes less is more. Various Agoria tunes.  18 mins 720 x 576 26/01/07  SWF
Ada - and more. Don't you just want more and more  7 mins 720 x 576 07/11/06
 Asturias part2 AV remix  of the Fripp track FMvideo style, using Audio Mulch to boost the harmonic content of a looped portion. Also simultaneous feed into in Resolume for the visuals. 12 mins  720 x 576 26/08/06  SWF
By demand the pyschedelic interference mix of the Rimmel Subvert.  And yes, I know, I should really have used a Revlon ad. 4mins 26secs 720x576 21/07/06 SWF
filterFlowers - visual harmonics - FMvideo, AV synthesis experiment in real time. Using an audioMulch comb filter to modify Resolume filter settings via its audio Fourier transform. 4mins 17secs. 720x576 13/05/06 SWF  
The Nightingales excuse. videoScape inspired by The Conference of the Birds & a nightingale sample from the Freesound project. Processed simultaneously through Audiomulch and Resolume. 6 mins - 720x576 pixels.  High quality stream - 25/4/06  SWF
The Dalek Chronicles. Animated 3D version of Terry Nation's original Dalek comic strip that appeared in TV21 in January 1965. Chapter 1 - Genesis of Evil.  - 17 mins - 352x288 pixels - Also 4 Chapters now on the new Dalek Channel -19/03/06
Style vs Fashion Subvert. Kittens with Klaws mix.  8 mins - 720 - 576 pixels - 08/03/06
Max Headroom.....20 minutes into the future....Network XXIII presents - Series 2 - episode 1 complete - 43 mins...trail for a new Max Headroom TV channel featuring the complete series ...1/3/6
The Unit live at Froot - Room At The Top, Nov 05. Remember that stormy evening when you did'nt go? Well here's a little bit of what you missed.  Crazy Diamond part 1- 16 mins.- 18/01/06
Circus Sound System Live Its like a drug - The Duke of New York - Nektar bar Edinburgh Dec 05. dopeFish remix  30/12/05 5mins
The King & Queen of Chaos.  One of my  live audio mixes put to ElectroPop Patterns -14min 33sec - 720x576 - 03/12/05
Transformer car classic C4 dancing robot subvert with LRD as audio track.
Mondeo "Bee" subvert  -  uses an old Mod file - Poet - for audio track 7min -720x576- 05/12/05
Guardian subvert- Rez remix...short version. Have remixed the original audio track with a Brian Eno piece.
Nike Samsung subvert based on a Natasha's Tears  - a classic  Mod files tune.
sandyHills - chill with Ov on the beach.  Original guitar piece by Oliver Davey along with very abstract visuals - 3min 17sec  - 05/12/05
Oberon - Puck casts his spell. Idea for a  video introduction to Midsummers Night Dream on stage  Oct 05
Camouflage remix Altronix audio mix of Camouflage DJ's Gusbo Timo, Espion and who else?..Can't remember...good shit anyway.


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